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Protect Your Eyes From Sports Injuries

This is the story of Peter and Damon, best friends and team mates. The guys were excited to be starting players for their junior varsity football team. They had practiced a lot during the summer and were gearing up for their first game. As they got ready for the final practice before the big game, […]

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Add Eye Exams To Your Back-To-School Shopping List

During August, families across the country prepare for their children to go back to school. In Pennsylvania alone, children between the ages of 5 and 18 account for approximately 16% of the population – that’s over 2 Million children (U.S. Census 2013). Many of these children are excited to be seeing old classmates again; some […]

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The Greatest Gift of All this Holiday Season is a Safe and Healthy Family

As Santa is making a list, and checking it twice, The Pennsylvania Association for the Blind is helping to make sure all children & parents are asking Santa for the safest and most appropriate toys.

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The Pennsylvania Association for the Blind Recognizes October 2013 as Blindness Awareness Month and Will Hold White Cane Day Celebrations across the State on October 15th

In an effort to inform Pennsylvania’s citizens about the prevention and treatment of low vision and blindness, the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind and its 26 Member agencies are joining together to celebrate the White Cane as a symbol of a blind or visually impaired person’s ability to achieve a full and independent life.

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Too Much Sunlight Exposure Can Burn Your Eyes

Sunscreen?  Check!  Bug Spray?  Check!  Hat?  Check!  Ready for a fun-filled day outside in the sun?  Almost!  Don’t forget to wear your shades!  The sun is out and the days are long and after this rainy spring everyone is anxious and excited to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Remembering to lather on the sunscreen is great, but running around without sunglasses can lead to overexposure to UV Rays and can cause abnormal growths on the eye surface, and even sunburn of the eyes that may cause temporary vision loss, or even blindness.

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