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Children Services

Services and Support for Blind and Visually Impaired Children

Through the Pennsylvania Association for the Blind’s network of 26 Member Agencies, we provide, vision services to children in their homes, daycares, pre-schools and educate children grades K-12.

Services include:

Pre-school Vision Screenings

One in every ten preschoolers have an undetected vision problem. Early intervention is crucial in preventing minimum vision loss.

Children Education Programs

Teaching children in schools how to protect their eyes, and exposing them to the abilities and talents people with vision loss have. Below are two Statewide programs for children;

C. Well Bunny Goes to School – An interactive program designed to introduce eye health and eye safety to preschoolers. Through this program, little learners will begin to understand the importance of their eyes, and remove any fears the children might have about the screening process. Presenters read The Eye Book by Dr. Seuss and use an inquisitive large brown rabbit puppet. At the end children will be screened. Contact your local blind agency if you would like to see this program at your school.

Treasure in Sight Program – (click on title to view video)
Join our shipmates as we teach children about safety precautions while playing. Children will also experience through a video what a typical eye doctor’s appointment would be like. Contact your local blind agency if you would like to see this program at your school.

Youth Camps

Camps are offered to children who are blind or visually impaired across the state of Pennsylvania. Camps teach parents and children how to reach new levels of independence. Contact your local blind agency for more information.

School to Work/Transition Programs

These programs prepare students and their parents for the future by teaching them new skills to help them transition onto higher education or seek competitive employment. See PAB’s Upcoming Events to get more information on our STEP Program – Student Transition to Employment/Education Preparation